Firle Cricket Club
Firle Cricket Club was founded in 1758 and is quite probably among the ten oldest clubs in the world. For centuries, Firle Cricket Club has been at the heart of village life. On 15th July 1725, the Duke of Richmond challenged Sir William Hall Gage to a match on the same pitch at Firle Place where the club still plays today.
Firle in 1901
Club Officials
Viscount Gage
Shaun Treloar
Vice Chairman
John Suckling
Chris Herriott
Fixture Secretary
Neil Trott
John Suckling
Mobile: 07751 379544
First XI Captain
Charlie Gorton
Mobile: 07765 408637
First XI Vice Captain
Chris Herriott
Mobile: 07973 414881
Second XI Captain
John Suckling
Mobile: 07751 379544
Second XI Vice Captain
Mark Berry
Club Welfare Officer
Shaun Treloar
Mobile: 07818 067512
Club History
Club Officers
Year Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Treasurer
2017 Shaun Treloar John Suckling tba John Suckling
2016 Shaun Treloar John Suckling Chris Herriot John Suckling
2015 Shaun Treloar John Suckling Chris Herriot Andy Bird
2014 Richard Gravett Shaun Treloar Chris Herriot Andy Bird
2013 Richard Gravett Shaun Treloar Chris Herriot Andy Bird
2012 Richard Gravett Shaun Treloar Mrs Sally Gravett Andy Bird
Club Captains
Year 1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Honours
2017 Charlie Gorton n/a  
2016 Charlie Gorton n/a  
2015 Alex Yearsley John Suckling  
2014 Alex Yearsley John Suckling  
2013 Alex Yearsley John Suckling ESCL Div 10 Champions
2012 Alex Yearsley John Suckling ESCL Div 4 Runners-up, ESCL Div 11 Champions
2011 Alex Yearsley John Suckling ESCL Div 12 Champions, ESCL Plate Winners
2010 Andrew Bird John Suckling  
2009 David Proud Peter Hind  
2008 Tony Wakely Trevor Craig ESCL Div 5 Runners-up
2007 Chris Hulbert Trevor Craig ESCL Div 8 Runners-up, ESCL Div 12 Champions
Club Awards
1st XI Batting Trophy
1995 R Gravett
1996 R Gravett
1997 R Ellinor
1998 R Ellinor
1999 R Gravett
2000 J Stevens
2001 S Harding
2002 R Gravett
2003 R Ellinor
2004 J Gravett
2005 R Gravett
2006 R Gravett
2007 R Gravett
2010 K Lewis
2011 K Lewis
2012 N Trott
2013 N Trott
2014 A Staib
2015 K Lewis
2016 K Lewis
1st XI Bowling Trophy
2010 A Bird
2011 M Williams
2012 A Samuel
2013 A Staib
2014 B Stoddart
2015 C Cartwright
2016 A Bird
2nd XI Batting Trophy
1996 M Sellis
1997 W Hecks
1998 M Gravett
1999 B Pugh
2000 K McMichael
2001 K McMichael
2002 A Remon
2003 A Climpson
2004 T Craig
2005 C Packard
2006 M Williams
2009 M Neilan
2010 S Read
2011 J Suckling
2012 M Ridpath
2013 C Taylor
2014 P Hind
2015 S Treloar
2nd XI Bowling Trophy
2010 M Neilan
2011 W Jolley
2012 M Neilan
2013 M Neilan
2014 W Jolley
2015 C Cartwright